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Studying abroad is like any travel. It inspires you to see things in new ways. Most of the students have a dream to study abroad and if they have been asked to mention their study abroad destination, the answer will get are USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Well, undoubtedly all these countries have been an obvious choice for billions of students traditionally. However, one country from Europe especially the Nordic region has become popular for the past several years. And the country is the happiest and second most peaceful country in the world. Yes, we are talking about Denmark.

International students have many pleasant surprises in store for them in Denmark. Denmark is an extremely safe country with low crime rates and a high quality public health care system. Each year students from around the world come to Denmark to pursue a quality education in a friendly, safe and innovation-driven environment. What they gain is an excellent and strong foundation for their future career. As international students in Denmark, you can choose between more than 500 degree programs and 1300 courses taught entirely in English. You can also work during your study by which you will gain real life working experience.

There is a great interesting thing in the capital city, Copenhagen. In this city there are 4000 more bikes than citizens. The biking culture is one of the most unique features of the city and without a doubt most of the student’s favorite aspects. So for the bike lovers the best way to see the city is on two wheels.

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Important Website link

Copenhagen business School(CBS)
Roskilde University(RUC)
University of Southern Denmark(SDU)
University of Copenhagen(KU)
IT University of Copenhegen(ITU)
Technical University of Denmark(DTU)
Alborg University
Aarhus University