We are dedicated to providing a high-quality, personal service to our partner institutions over a range of areas which include professionalism, speedy process, enthusiasm and separate email for separate institutions. Our company always gives emphasis on “morals and ethics”. In every year, we represent our institutions through education fair. Additionally, we use facebook and other social websites to reach out in a widerange of network towards the prospective students. We do not only represent the institution but also increase the brand image of it. Our company is one of the reputed, licensed and legally authorized companies in Bangladesh.

We would like to mention some of our current activities we use to do as an agent. Our company is dedicated to provide a high-quality personal service to Bangladeshi students over a range of areas which includes university/college application, visa application, accommodation and academic guidance. We have a unique approach to recruit international students, which focuses on analyzing course content and future prospects of candidates for each program. We provide information to international students regarding institutions and its facilities. Please note that we specially encourage candidates to study in our represented institutions. Besides, we assist prospective candidates to select appropriate level of education by providing information about the courses offered, course fees, payment refund policy, university/college campus location, campus regulation, costs of living, visa requirements, the educational qualifications and any other criteria required for acceptance into a specific program. Additionally, we boost up candidates’ communication skill by taking interviews which helps them in the long run. Our company verifies each profile with candidates’ academic background and their English language requirements. 

We understand that our company needs to go through a written agreement to work with any institution. We also understand that our partner institution have the right to monitor activities of our work and takes action, including terminating the for any failure. We always try our best to follow the performance benchmarks. We ensure a continuous process of due diligence through training, information exchange, support, performance review and performance improvement. On the other hand, we used to update information used for marketing and recruitment purposes as changes occur.

Therefore, we promote our partner institutions as an official country representative. At the moment we are holding a huge number of potential Bangladeshi candidates who are willing to go overseas for further education. Moreover, we highly believe in the quote-

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." --Michael Jordan

If you would like to represent your Institution through our company, please call Contact number: +8801619446611 or email us at-

We are looking forward to working with you!